pinterest_profile_imagePlease be aware that many of us are good listeners but this is not an emergency room.  We are not professionals.

Its okay to talk about feeling very depressed and low and share ideas and advice but please refrain from posting suicide threats in the chatroom.

If you need urgent help please contact your local help services or go to :

Suicide prevention life line (USA)  (USA)
Crisis Text line  (USA)
Samaritans  (UK)  (UK)
Life Line Crisis support (AUS)  (AUS)
Helplines Suicide prevention Canada (CA)
Suicide prevention helplines India (INDIA)
Hulplijn 113online via telefoon of chat (NL)

In addition, the BBC in UK has this gathering of resources for young through adult non-urgent needs

Or google a helpline in your country .



More Resources:

  • All About Delusions: An interesting article that examines all types of delusions. This can be helpful for the person suffering from delusions and those trying to help them.
  • MedCircle: A valuable resource for all sorts of information about mental illness and how it is identified and treated. You’ll find articles, video series, and resources here. They have their own channel on YouTube. This can be helpful for both the people suffering from mental illness and those who care for and are trying to help them.


Do you have a site that would be useful as a resource for our community?

Please be aware that we will not support businesses geared to helping, but rather are looking for sites/articles that reveal important information for people here to have. If you have a link, please send it to me at or let me know in the chatroom. Thanks!