Movies on the Board: A Beautiful Mind

The moving story of John Nash, brilliant and troubled with schizophrenia for years, A Beautiful Mind won several key Oscars and other rewards. We've chosen it for a maiden voyage under the #villagemovies thread in Entertainment on The Village Unleashed message boards. If you haven't joined yet, please do! Please use the nick you use … Continue reading Movies on the Board: A Beautiful Mind


The Village Unleashed

Jedi unveiled a project she's been working on for the community recently. It's a forum or message board entitled "The Village Unleashed." Everyone, whether a chatter in our community or another interested party, is encouraged to check it out. You can only start or respond to a thread if you're a member, so please register … Continue reading The Village Unleashed

Next Movie: Memento

The movie discussion group for Donnie Darko was great! ren's leading another discussion group on 28 January. The time's slightly changed to noon CST, 1:00 EST, and 6:00GMT with it being in the morning on 29 January for our friends Down Under. The featured movie is Memento, which is available on Netflix, at least in … Continue reading Next Movie: Memento