The Village Unleashed

Jedi unveiled a project she's been working on for the community recently. It's a forum or message board entitled "The Village Unleashed." Everyone, whether a chatter in our community or another interested party, is encouraged to check it out. You can only start or respond to a thread if you're a member, so please register … Continue reading The Village Unleashed


Next Movie: Memento

The movie discussion group for Donnie Darko was great! ren's leading another discussion group on 28 January. The time's slightly changed to noon CST, 1:00 EST, and 6:00GMT with it being in the morning on 29 January for our friends Down Under. The featured movie is Memento, which is available on Netflix, at least in … Continue reading Next Movie: Memento

Why We Moved to MelloChat

It's come to my attention that many caught in the middle of this don't really know why the move came about. It was supposed to be a gradual transition with plenty of warning to everyone. A change was made on the old website that put people using the web portal into the room on MelloChat … Continue reading Why We Moved to MelloChat