Movies on the Board: A Beautiful Mind


The moving story of John Nash, brilliant and troubled with schizophrenia for years, A Beautiful Mind won several key Oscars and other rewards. We’ve chosen it for a maiden voyage under the #villagemovies thread in Entertainment on The Village Unleashed message boards.

If you haven’t joined yet, please do! Please use the nick you use in #thevillage to avoid confusion. Hop on anytime and leave your thoughts about the movie and other things on the board. Jedi included a few study guides. I’m planning to read a couple of them and then watch the movie yet again before I post. No need to put in that much time, though. Just give the movie a look-see and jot down a few notes on the board, read what others have to say, too.

The evolution of taking #villagemovies to the boards is a natural choice. It allows people all over the world to take part in the movie discussions. So check back and see what others have to say!